• How to start with any idea or inspiration… and develop it into screenplay that Hollywood will ACTUALLY want.
  • What Hollywood REALLY wants in a screenplay… and if you’re an outsider you will KILL any chance of attracting a producer or agent if you get this wrong.
  • Why 95% of screenplays fail… and how you can avoid these dreaded mistakes.
  • The FIVE most common success traits found in the most successful movies... and why even “bad” screenplays can get made when they get these right.
  • The HIDDEN relationship between your characters and the plot… and why knowing this information could be key to your success or failure.

“I approached Mitchell for assistance on a project I have in development. His guidance was insightful and hugely helpful. Mitchell’s unique approach to screenwriting and his innovative custom software brought instant clarity to both the characters and structure of my project. I would highly recommend Plot Control as an invaluable tool for developing a screenplay.”

Diane Nabatoff, Producer (Tiara Blu Films): Girl Soldier, Take the Lead, Narc, Fear

This program has clarified how I look at plotting and has really helped me overcome issues and “see” the dynamics through Plot Control. It just makes good sense. And my rewrite is going very well… Maybe because I know where I’m going!!”

Dawn Crouch, Current Reelwriting Client

“Mitch has developed a unique and extremely useful program to assist writers in developing a fool proof story. Having produced, written and directed movies and television for thirty years, this screenplay program is the most useful tool I have ever seen. Plot Control is the best tool for the young and established writer in helping them map out a successful story.

Rocky Lang, Producer/Director/Writer, White Squall (A Ridley Scott Film), Nervous Ticks, Titanic

“I recently bought a copy of Plot Control, and I have to say it’s awesome. I finally have a concrete system for outlining. Up until now my spiral notebook of random ideas was my prewriting process, but I can now focus on the use of proper story structure. I also found that I can easily work on multiple projects at the same time. You guys will be in the list of “thank yous” when I accept my Oscar.”

Ryan Binse, Current Reelwriting Client

In the 15 years I’ve been writing for TV and film, I have never come across a system so intuitive to the writer’s needs. This is why movies used to be better than they are now. It’s easily going to shortcut the story breaking on all my projects from now on. Its value was so clearly demonstrated when we had Mitchell sit in on a script meeting on one of my projects and in a matter minutes he identified and help solve a major plot issue that had been eluding us for weeks.”

Jeremy Miller, Writer/Producer: Entourage, Boston Public, We Are Marshall (Script Doctor), Ghost of Girlfriends Past (Script Doctor)

“I’m really enjoying the software. The visual aspect of outlining really speaks to me.”

Cheryl Farr, Current Reelwriting Client


“Good story telling starts with good structure… and good structure starts with Plot Control. This software is like structure on steroids. It structures a story’s “Core Elements”, it “Triangulates” & structures your thematic elements, and of course it structures your three acts. With Plot Control structure is just done for you. (Very Cool.)”

Andy Jenkins, Producer and Partner: Haxan Films

“My family is sick of hearing me say how much I love Plot Control, but it’s exciting to use something that forces me to focus on the story, plot, characters, subplots, theme… you know. The training videos are great. Now I have all my ideas in one place, I can print an outline anytime, and my walls are free to display family pictures instead of index cards. You’ve made a great product. I love you guys.”

Bettie Styurak, Current Reelwriting Client

“I met Mitchell, Howard and Sean recently at the Inktip Conference in Los Angeles. After hearing a little more about what they do, I challenged Mitchell to assist me with a project that I had been hired to write. In fact, I remember telling him that I had to leave in about 45 minutes and Mitch said, “I need 10”. We sat down…just the two of us with his software Plot Control. He asked me questions, filled in the blanks, and all of the holes in my story become abundantly clear. In fact, it was inspiring. I had been struggling with the 3rd act and putting off delivery, but with the help of Plot Control it was like I plowed through a creative wall. Everything became clear. Since working with Mitch, I was able to re-craft the entire outline and get it to my Producers for approval. In fact they loved the new work.”

Steven Goldmann, DGA, DGC, Broken Bridges (Paramount), Trailer Park of Terror (Summit)

“I know writers who pay $250 -$300 a month for “mentoring” from established experts and from what I’ve seen of the results… you kick their ass.

Tim Elliott, Current Reelwriting Client